Pool and Park Rules

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Daily Hours --- 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.


  • Only park and pool keys issued by the Association will be used. Any duplication or defacing of the keys is illegal.

  • Replacement of lost keys will be ordered and purchased from the Association by the HOMEOWNER ONLY. Requests for replacement keys should be presented in person with a check for $100.00 made out to River College Square Association.

  • Furnishing keys to non-members is forbidden.

  • All gates must be shut and locked when entering or leaving the park or pool area. DO NOT PROP GATES OPEN!

  • YELLOW River College Square (RCSA) identification tag must be carried with park and pool keys at all times when using the facilities.

  • No climbing of fences – entrance to the park and pool by key only! If you see a person climbing the fence, please report to the non-emergency sheriff number, or a board member.

  • NO SMOKING in the pool or park areas! Please go out to the parking lot if you must smoke. Dispose of butts in garbage cans, not the pavement or drain.


  • A resident must accompany guests at all times. No more than 8 guests allowed unless a party agreement has been filed and approved.

  • Members are responsible for all damage and rule violations by their guests.


  • Children must be accompanied by an adult, age 18 or over, at all times while in the park or pool areas.

  • Parents or the responsible adult supervising the children are responsible for the children’s behavior and will be liable for any damages caused by their children.


  • Bicycles, skateboards, roller-skates, rollerblades, scooters and/or other wheeled toys/transportation are not to be ridden in the park or pool areas.

      • Exception to above: wheelchairs and strollers.

  • Bicycles must be parked in bicycle stands or in the parking lot.


  • Dogs and other pets are not allowed in the park or pool area. If you need to be accompanied by a service dog, you must contact a board member for an exception.


  • Children must be supervised by a responsible person 18 years or older.

  • Clean swimsuits must be worn. NO CUT-OFFS OR STREET CLOTHES

  • Showers should be taken before entering the pool(s).


  • No inflatable tubes or rafts in excess of 36 inches in diameter allowed inside the pool(s).

  • No Frisbees or other flying toys are allowed in the pool area.


  • Members must reserve the park for a party with 8 or more guests and must file a Common Area Party Agreement at least 14 days in advance, subject to approval.

  • Parties are limited to 20 people. Parties may not last more than six hours.

  • Person under 21 years of age is not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages inside the park or pool area. (California Business and Professional Code Section 25662).

  • No glass containers of any kind allowed in park or pool area.

  • $50 refundable deposit is required (if clean, returned; if not cleaned, will be part of fine/cleaning fee).


  • Tennis shoes must be worn on all courts.

  • No sitting on, hitting, or jumping over nets.

  • Do not enter or cross the courts while play is in progress.

  • No food or drink allowed on courts. Water only may be on sidelines.

  • No small children on courts.

  • Tennis and Paddle Tennis Playing Time:

      • When no court is available, players will limit their play to one set of singles or two sets of doubles with a five-minute warm-up. In the event that a set arrives at six points all, a nine-point tiebreaker will be played.


Homeowners will be responsible for any damage done to the common property, by themselves, their families, tenants or guests.

These rules of the River College Square Association (the “Association”) have been enacted pursuant to Article III, Section 7 of the First Restated Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for the River College Square Association (the “CC&R’s”). Terms herein have the meaning as set forth in the CC&R’s, Article I.

An Owner found by the Association to have violated these Rules may, pursuant to the CC&R’s, be assessed a fine or given a warning at the discretion of the Association. Fines may be assessed in amounts up to $50 per daily infraction of the governing documents. (Article XIV, Section 6(a).

Use of Properties and Restrictions – Privileges may be revoked. In addition to the restrictions established by law or Association Rules promulgated by the Board of Directors (consistent with the Declaration). These restrictions are hereby imposed upon the use of Lots, Common Area and other parcels with the properties. (See Article VIII).