Common Contacts

For a comprehensive list of services, check out the service directory for Sacramento County:

The following is a list of common needs and the appropriate agency & number to call:

All Emergency 9-1-1 or Sheriff Emergency number (916) 874-5111

Sheriff non-emergency number (916) 874-5115

  • People loitering or entering the park illegally or too late

  • People going through trash

  • Report suspicious activity

Sheriff Service Center for non-emergency and reports: (916) 487-4292

  • Report your stolen property.

California Highway Patrol (916) 861-1300

  • Report your stolen car or suspected stolen car in neighborhood

Sacramento County Animal Care & Regulation (916) 368-7387 (PETS)

  • Animal abuse or stray dogs

Non-emergency municipal services - Call 311 from a landline or (916) 875-4311 or report online at

Concern about a neighbor’s yard or paint - RCSA Board of Directors - or visit the Contact Us page

Neighbor disputes – talk with your neighbor. You may notify the RCSA Board, but we typically do not get involved in neighbor disputes. If the issue is music or other disturbing noise, including barking dogs, please call the Sacramento County Nuisance Line – (916) 875-4311 (see below)

RCSA Assessments (dues) – call Terri McIntyre (916) 485-1897

Residential parking permits: to obtain or replace, request party parking permits - Sacramento County Transportation Dept. Contact Bernardo Ramirez, Assistant Civil Engineer at (916) 874-1630 or by email:

Sacramento Suburban Water District (916) 972-7171

  • Water abuse or problems