CC&Rs & Related Documents

Download the Articles of Incorporation of River College Square Association, including declaration of covenants, conditions, and restrictions for RCS here:

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Common Areas Rules & Reservations

Download the common area rules and party agreement here:

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CC&R Voting Update 2/12/2019

Due to not enough votes being cast, we are extending the voting election date. Please check back for more information.

Please review the Updated CC&Rs and Restated Bylaws and return your ballot as soon as possible.

Below are the changes to the proposed restated CC&Rs

  • In Section 5.2(g), payment of regular assessments was changed to be due semi-annually instead of monthly (or quarterly as stated in our current CC&Rs) in order to reflect our current payment procedure.

  • In Section 3.13, a change was made making it applicable only to coverings of windows visible from ground level of any street, Lot, or Common Area.

  • In Section 3.5(a) and (d), a statement was included that any written request for a variance must be approved in writing by the Board.

  • In Section 3.4(b), a typographical error was corrected.

  • In Section 3.10, a typographical error was corrected.

  • In Section 6.2(b), a typographical error was corrected.

  • In Section 6.2(d), a typographical error was corrected.

We encourage you to review the entire proposed Second Restated CC&Rs with the above-noted changes and proposed Second Restated Bylaws. If you have already submitted your ballots and would like to change your vote, please contact us and we will mail you a new ballot.


RCSA Board of Directors