River College Square Association

4733 River College Drive, Sacramento, CA 95841

Published: March 2020 • Download print version

Happy New Year from the RCSA Board! Now is the time for us all to get busy and bring our properties into compliance with the CC&R’s. There are several things that we need to be reminded of. Your yards need to be cleared of all weeds and debris. If you have lawn, it needs to be mowed and watered on a regular basis. Please help us continue to maintain a beautiful neighborhood, not only for the pleasure of those living here, but also to preserve our home values.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Our Community

The board is taking extra precautions to protect the community while enjoying our facilities by deep cleaning high-touch areas. We’re also encouraging the community to practice social distancing when you’re out an about.

Given the recent and unprecedented events affecting our nation and the entire globe, we’ve made the difficult decision to close the park and pool areas for the time being. We’re following local guidance and will reopen these facilities as public health orders by our government are lifted.

We hope you are all doing well during these difficult times and want you to know that the precautions we’re taking are to keep our community safe.

For more information about COVID-19, please see http://coronavirus.gov/.

Pool and Park

Last year our facilities were subjected to vandalism resulting in some pool safety equipment damage. This Spring, we’ll be installing surveillance equipment, but the best safeguard is individual diligence. If you witness vandalism or someone hopping over the fence, confront the person or call a board member. It’s everyone’s responsibility to protect this community asset.

Everyone under 18 is required to be accompanied by an adult (18 years or older).

DO NOT lend out your key or let people in without keys. We have noticed non-residents using this area. The Board will continue checking keys against the residence list to ensure only our residents are using these facilities. This is for the safety and protection of our community.

Board Contact Information

Get Involved!

Come to board meetings! We meet the Second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the pool cabana area. All are welcome to attend.

CC&R Violations

The board sent out violation letters in Q4 2019. We’ll be following up on violations in April and sending second notices. If you receive a second notice, you’ll have two weeks to resolve the issues, unless stated otherwise in the letter. If no action is taken, fines will be assessed at $50 per day past the deadline.

Please see the attached document for the most common violations that are being observed and be aware that we’re keeping a close eye on these.


Residents of RCSA are required to reserve the park/pool area when planning a party or get together of eight (8) not to exceed 20 persons. You will need to fill out a Common Area Party agreement and submit a $50 deposit. Plan ahead as party dates are limited. Reservations can be made by calling Pete Sorrell at (916) 812-4425.


As a reminder, parking on the street in our community is by permit only. Contact information for obtaining a parking permit can be found on the next page.


Speeding continues to be a problem in the community. The weather is beginning to improve, more people are going outdoors and school will be out before we know it. Please follow the speed limit of 25 MPH.

Most Common CC&R Violations

Please note that the following are the most common CC&R violations being observed. In an effort to maintain our neighborhood’s attractiveness and keep home values up, we ask to pay special attention to these violations to avoid receiving a violation letter.

If you receive a letter from the board regarding a violation, you will be asked to resolve the issue within two weeks, unless stated otherwise in the letter. Delay in the resolution will result in a fine of $50 per day after the two-week period has expired.

Questions or concerns about a violation letter may be directed to rcsa.board@outlook.com. You can also find the current CC&Rs here.

Garbage Cans – Must be out of sight, not on the edge of the house, in your carport, etc. They need to be off the street except within 24 hours before and after garbage pickup.

Paint – Maintain good paint coverage in earth tones. Both sides of the dwelling must match, including trim, garage door and gutters.

Carports, driveways and garages – These are not to be used as living or storage spaces. Keep garage doors closed, except when working in the garage or for entry and exit.

Inoperable/unregistered vehicles – These may not be stored within the River College Square Association, except within your garage.

Landscape – Residents are expected to maintain a neat, attractive yard. Dead trees and plants must be removed, and an 8-foot clearance above the sidewalk is required.

Architecture – Original architecture must be maintained. Changes should be first presented to the board for any variances to be approved.