Welcome to River College Square

Community Headlines

  • Mail Boxes in our area are being targeted! Please pick up your mail daily as several have been broken into recently!

  • Blue Bench Paint Party! We're washing and sanding the benches in the pool/park area Saturday 9/18 from 8 AM - 11 AM. We will be painting them on Saturday 9/25 from 8 AM - 11 AM Contact Shana Dellos at doinque@yahoo.com or (615) 999-2649 for more information. Join the party to keep our park beautiful!

  • Pool Reservations Required! Reservations are still required to use the pools. Book your reservations here.

  • The Pink Residential Parking Passes expire 9/30/2021! You should have received a renewal notice from Sacramento County Transportation Dept.

CC&R Updates

CC&R Updates are currently in progress. Please go here to view the latest information.

The River College Square Association (RCSA) is a Streng Bros. Homes common interest community established in 1975. We are located in Sacramento, CA and are walking distance to American River College.

Our community includes access to the following private amenities: Playground with swings and slides, basketball court, 2 tennis courts, 2 full-size pools, and a picnic and barbecue area.